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1. Preheat the wax to 40-42 °C degrees.
2. Treat the depilation area with an alcohol-containing lotion to degrease the skin and remove any traces of cosmetic products.
3. Apply a small amount of talc.
4. With a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax, regardless of the direction of the hair growth, but towards you, leaving a small “petal” which will be used as a grip later on (try to perform depilation in the armpit area in one application). ATTENTION! Do not rush during the application, press the spatula firmly, putting the necessary pressure on it.
5. The wax will harden in 4-10 seconds. During this period it will stick to all the hairs (wax, which is ready for removal, should not stick to the hand when touched).
6. Holding the skin taut in the direction opposite to the tear-off, remove the wax with a fast movement, in the direction away from you and parallel to the skin.
7. Repeat the procedure on the next area.
8. Upon completion of the depilation, treat the skin with a soothing, cooling, oil-free product by Italwax.

Basic errors while using Film Wax

Wax stretches like caramel and is difficult to remove.

Reason: not enough time passed for the wax to harden.
What to do: put some talc powder onto the wax, wait 2-3 seconds and remove.

There are some hairs left after wax removal.

Reason: the wax was applied superficially, without pressing the spatula to the skin, so the hair didn’t get into the wax layer.
What to do: apply the wax onto the skin with the remaining hair, fix the hair in the wax more thoroughly, pressing the spatula firmly to the area of hair removal.​

The wax does not harden.

Reason: the layer of the wax applied is too thick (as in the classic hot wax depilation).
What to do: carefully spread the application to a larger surface. Next time apply a thinner layer of wax.

The edges of the wax application remain on the skin after removal.

Reason: Uneven application of wax.
What to do: Create an application of the same thickness in the middle and on the edges.

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