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By Italwax Certified Trainer: Jessica Shaeffer

The courses listed below is for Licensed Beauty Professionals, Active students, and new graduates. To perfect your waxing skills, learn new techniques, and increase your product knowledge while reducing your waxing time and increase your profit. You will learn waxing 101 with our hands on approach. You will become proficient in head-to-toe waxing.  You will also learn the standard pricing in the Esthetician world, and how to prepare your client for normal reactions. Each class will hold between 6-8 students. With a non-refundable $200 deposit this will go towards your fee for the class. Certificate upon completion.

Within each of the courses you will learn the following:

  • Wax Theory and the Basics
  • Full Body Fundamentals
  • Hair follicle components
  • Hair Growth Cycle
  • Excessive Hair Growth Conditions
  • Waxing Positions
  • Client pre and Aftercare
  • Sanitation and Safety

Italwax academy Full Body Master Class $700.00- $200 non-refundable deposit.

Full Body Master Class (6-hour session)

  • Includes a Italwax Cosmetics Wax Kit
  • Body Positioning
  • Proper Sanitation Procedures
  • Signature Waxing Techniques
  • Pre & Post Training
  • Practical Body Waxing Training, including but not limited to:
  • Full Arm
  • Under Arm
  • Full Leg
  • Full Chest & Stomach
  • Full Back

Italwax Academy Full Brazilian Master Class $600.00- $200 non- refundable deposit.

Full Brazilian Master Class (4-hour session)

  • Customer service/experience training;
  • Learn how to improve your capability to complete a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less, while providing quality work and experience;
  • Learn advanced positioning, stretching and application techniques that will enable you to –perform the ultimate Brazilian wax
  • Learn how to understand what to look for to avoid complications
  • Watch a full treatment from start to finish with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and then practice on a model under the guidance of our experienced trainer
  • Learn various options to promote your services to increase new clientele and retention rate.

Your Kit

  • Glowax warmer plus sample kit
  • Miravaeda samples
  • Italwax trainer badge
  • Apron
  • Notebook +pen
  • Posters
  • USB with Templates of Esthetician forms for clients
  • USB with Videos
  • Continuous Follow-up as needed
  • Certificate