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CASE OF HARD WAX SELFIE 22lb (save 10%)


Delicate hard wax for face with Oils Complex.

Perfect for:

– Eyebrows

– Upper lip

– Sideburns / Temporal area
Innovative “Selfie” wax formulation was created specifically to remove unwanted hair on the sensitive face skin.

Hard Wax “Selfie” is formulated resin-free and is created to remove hair on the sensitive skin of the face.

Natural oils complex in wax composition cushions wax effect on face, creates maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure.

Wax does not burn and does not injure delicate skin, it does not leave redness even on thin and sensitive skin.

The working temperature of the hard wax is + 38 °C.

Tips for various face areas waxing. Recommendations for better result:



– For brow shaping, it is recommended to divide one long application into two short ones.

– To create a sharp and clear line, use a small spatula.

– Carefully press the spatula, it will help the wax to grip hairs better.


– Tuck your upper lip under the teeth, it will make skin tauter.

– Try to avoid the red lip area, it can lead to skin lifting.

– Hold the spatula upright against the skin, it will lift the hairs and the wax grip will be stronger.


– When working with long hair, it is recommended to apply wax

in the direction of hair growth and remove against.

– On large face areas you can use a standard spatula.

– Before applying on already waxed area, make sure to use talcum powder.

Format: 1.1 lb.