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Attention! Execution of sugar depilation procedure requires special skills!

  1. Sugar Paste is always applied against the direction of the hair growth and removed in the direction of the hair growth, parallel to the skin.
  2. During application of the paste, movements should be soft and gentle.
  3. During removal of the paste, movements should always be sharp and fast.
  4. Prior to removal of the paste, the skin of the treated area must be held taut. This helps to avoid “sticking” and reduces pain.
  5. After removal of the paste, always touch the skin surface with the free hand, this neutralizes and diffuses the pain (“anti-stress” movement).
  6. Do not treat the same area more than three times in order to avoid skin damage.
  7. Do not treat skin areas with obvious skin damage or neoplasms of the skin.

The most common mistake made by inexperienced cosmetologists when working with Sugar Paste is “sticking” of Sugar Paste.

Ways to correct the mistake:

Option 1:

Hold the skin taut in the place of sticking and remove the paste with a fast movement.

Option 2:

Apply additional amount of talc onto the place of sticking, stretch the paste that sticked
up to the area treated with talc, and remove the paste with a fast movement.

Option 3:

Add a new piece of paste to the sticking spot, stretch it above the sticking area and remove with a fast movement.

Option 4:

Apply bandage to the sticking spot, press firmly and remove the bandage together with the paste

Option 5:

Wipe away the sticking paste with a wet napkin or wash it off under running water.
Note though that it will be possible to resume the depilation procedure only when the skin is completely dry.