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Hard wax typically takes around 15-30 minutes to fully melt, depending on the quantity and the heat setting of your wax warmer. It’s important to often stir the wax while it is in the process of melting to ensure even heating.

Melt your wax until it reaches a honey-like consistency. If it’s too runny, it may be too hot, which can risk burns. If it’s not pliable, it may not effectively remove the hair.

It’s also advised to test the wax temperature on the back of your hand to ensure it’s suitable for application before applying it to larger, more sensitive areas. Safety first! Remember, consistency and temperature regulation vary based on different wax warmer models and types of hard wax. Always follow any instructions that are included with the specific product you are using.

Hard Wax and Soft Wax are two different types of waxes used for hair removal, and they have their own unique properties and uses:

  1. Hard Wax: This is a stripless wax that is applied to the skin with a spatula, allowed to cool, and then removed directly with the hands. Hard wax is suitable for hair removal on large areas: arms, legs, back, and sensitive small areas: face, armpits, and brazilian. Hard wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, gripping tightly to the hair, which helps reduce the pain often associated with waxing. It’s often seen as more comfortable and less painful than soft wax.
  2. Soft Wax: This wax is thinly applied with a spatula and then removed with strips. Because it adheres to skin and hair, it can provide a more thorough, exfoliating treatment, removing both hair and dead skin cells. It’s commonly used for larger areas like arms, legs, or the back. 

In the end, the choice between hard wax and soft wax depends upon your personal preference, specific need, skin sensitivity, and the area you want to wax.

Given that microwaves vary in wattage, they can be perilous as they could potentially cause serious burns to your skin. Similarly, stoves can cause the wax to exceed the proper temperature and burn, making them unsuitable for this purpose. Therefore, we strongly advise utilizing a professional wax warmer which allows precise control over the temperature for safe wax heating.

You can choose the warmer from our range:

It is not advised. We discourage blending various formulas because each type of wax has distinct performance qualities. Mixing several variations could result in altered performance of the final product, spoil its quality, and reduce the effectiveness of the waxing procedure.

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Welcome to Italwax


ItalWax specializes in creation and manufacturing of high-quality professional products designed for biodepilation. Our products are carefully formulated in accordance with both newest technologies and traditional Italian recipes, under the strict supervision in our private high-tech laboratory based in Milan. The fusion of tradition and innovation sets us apart in the industry.

Our factory is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment to ensure the authenticity and preservation of our natural and resin-free raw materials during the manufacturing process. This progressive approach allows us to maintain the purity of our ingredients, resulting in excellent product outcomes.

ItalWax is well-known for its superlative standards products, which provide the best adhesion ensuring effective and safe waxing procedure. Our wax products are presented in accordance with distinct classification, which is designed to guide beginner cosmetologists, preventing potential errors and ensuring optimal results.

Every ItalWax hair removal product comes with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, a trusted mark of quality and safety. It is indicative of our commitment to using only superior raw materials. To ensure the credibility of our products, we thoroughly check each incoming batch of materials and every outgoing batch of our finished products in our laboratory.

>Our commitment to rigorous testing, a responsible approach, and compliance with the EU regulations, make us not only a pioneer but also a trusted manufacturer of hair removal products. Due to these qualities, we proudly present our brand ItalWax as the best hair removal products in the World.