Professional Cosmetics For Depilation


Italwax offers professional cosmetics for waxing produced
in compliance with the modern and classic Italian formula under strict supervision of its private laboratory in Milan. The factory is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment that keeps intact our natural and organic raw materials used during production process.

All Italwax waxes have a high adhesiveness (the ability to securely engage with hairs), which makes the hair removal procedure most effective, fast, safe and relatively painless.

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Italian company Filo Bianco Srl specializes in creation and manufacture of high quality professional products for biodepilation. We produce and supply professional cosmetics for depilation under the private label or Italwax.

Modern high-technology production is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment which allows manufacture of up to 500.000 cartridges per month.

The factory is equipped with its own automated lines for manufacture of the full range of depilation products:

Line for manufacture and pouring of warm wax into cartridges and cans with simultaneous labeling.
Line for manufacture and pouring of hot and film wax into bricks and shaped forms.
Line for manufacture and granulation of hot and film wax.
Line for packaging of end product regardless of its weight into bags and boxes.
Line for manufacture and pouring of lotions for pre and post depilation care.
Line for manufacture and pouring of paraffin.

All waxes produced by Filo Bianco Srl provide high adhesion level which consistently ensures effective and safe depilation procedure. Waxes by Filo Bianco Srl are presented in accordance with distinct classification in order to avoid mistakes by beginner cosmetologists.


Company Filo Bianco Srl performs constant research and creates innovative products that significantly ease depilation procedure. Also, the factory is able to manufacture related depilation products: nonwoven fabric in strips (packages of 20 and 100 itm.) and rolls (50m and 100m) under your private label or Italwax label. Company Filo Bianco Srl offers contract manufacturing of a full line of cosmetics for depilation under the Clientu2019s private label or Italwax label.


Italwax hair removal products quality is guaranteed with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. We use only high-end raw materials and test each incoming and out-coming batch in our in-house laboratory. Highly precise testing, responsible attitude and following EU regulations allows us to manufcature one of the best hair removal products in the World under our brand u201cItalwaxu201d and our customersu2019 Private Label brands

Alexandria, Maryland

The wax is AMAZING! I absolutely love the lavender wax. Italwax is the ONLY wax Iu2019ll be using. The smell and consistency make the perfect product. You guys have a lifetime buyer and I am super excited to purchase some of the candles.