Hard Wax

Hard Wax: Unveiling the Secrets of Silky Smooth Skin.

Hard wax has gained immense popularity as an efficient and skin-friendly product. Waxing a lot? Save on bulk! 22lb boxes with one big bag inside or a case of ten bags – choose the most convenient packaging for your beauty parlor.



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The Pros of Hard Wax

Gentle on Skin

One of the main reasons why people opt for hard wax is its gentle effect on the skin. Unlike traditional waxing methods, hard wax can be used without non-woven strips. The wax application adheres firmly to the hair only and not to the skin, minimizing discomfort during the hair removal process.

Effective Hair Removal

Hard wax effectively removes even the shortest, previously shaved hairs, providing longer-lasting results, which makes it a great option for those who are looking forward to having smooth, hairless skin without waxing frequently. Italwax flexible hard waxes can be applied regardless hair growth direction guaranteeing best result with only one strap.

Suitable for Sensitive Areas

Another remarkable feature of hard wax is that it’s perfect for
sensitive areas. Whether it’s the face, bikini line, or underarms, the hard wax sticks to hair only, but not to the skin, ensuring a comfortable experience. It is extremely important to avoid removing the top layer of the skin on sensitive areas to prevent irritation, ingrown hairs and pigmentation.

Different Types of Hard wax

Natural Hard Wax

Following trends in natural beauty and skincare, hard wax is becoming increasingly popular. Made from naturally-derived ingredients, this wax offers a highly purified resin wax for those who are conscious about their skin health.

Resin-Free Synthetic Hard Wax

Innovations in hair removal have led to the development of resin-free synthetic hard wax. Its formula is perfect for sensitive skin prone to allergies. This type of wax provides a hypoallergenic option without compromising the effectiveness.

Bulk Hard Wax Beads

Hard wax bulk options are available for those who prefer buying in larger quantities. It not only provides cost savings but also ensures a constant supply for regular waxing routines.