FREE SHIPPING on orders over $400!

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $400!

Privacy Policy

All information given to Italwax LLC will not be sold under any circumstances. The information is strictly used as follows:

  1. Shipping information is used to be able to ship products. It is also used to keep track of where our customers are for internal statistical reasons i.e. studies to learn more about our customers, marketing and sales.

  2. Billing information is only used to complete transactions. It will never be used for anything else. At Italwax LLC, this is the most important information we protect. We use secure servers for all transactions to ensure customer security.

  3. Registration information is used to verify if a user is a licensed esthetician. At Italwax LLC, we only sell to professionals—no exception. Registration information is also used to organize and catalog all sales and customers. We will not give your license details to anyone else.

  4. Newsletter information is used to promote new products, blogs, beauty lines, etc. We will only use this channel to send relevant information. The customer is always allowed to unsubscribe at any time.

  5. Phone numbers are only used if Italwax LLC needs to contact a customer. Our customers can rest assured that we will never willingly give up their phone numbers to any telemarketers or other interested parties.

Italwax LLC values your information’s protection. Therefore, you will always be allowed to have any information of yours removed if you feel necessary. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, there is a button at the bottom that says “unsubscribe.” Then we will only use your email to keep on record, shipping information, and emergency contact. If you do not wish to receive any more calls, please let us know and we will kindly put you on the “Do not call” list. We will therefore only call if there is an emergency and we cannot find any other way to contact you. We will not solicit you.

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