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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $400!

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Face waxing kit with glowy hard wax represents an innovative concept for facial hair removal, suitable for both home and professional use. Italwax Glowax Kit is the smart choice for home waxing procedures, providing a series of benefits such as: time optimization (kit includes all the products necessary for a professional treatment at home), excellent value for money (the kit contains 2 bags of Glowax glittery hard film wax of 2.82 oz. each, the ideal quantity for more than 30 upper lip hair waxing treatments), it is suitable for sensitive skin. Cherry Pink is a new member of our hard wax family, with multi directional application. Its unique and sparkling composition, free of natural resins, makes it perfect even for the most sensitive skin, prone to redness.

What makes Italwax Glowax Kit the perfect choice for professionals? The complete system for hygienic hair removal treatments: disposable capsules for a 100% hygienic waxing procedure, compact and convenient wax heater designed for small area hair removal procedures. This kit is an ideal for beauticians who perform mobile waxing services to customer’s home (easy transportation and storage).

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