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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $400!



ItalWax USA is the main American office of the world-famous ItalWax brand, which is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. While the ItalWax brand is already represented in more than 70 countries.
All ItalWax products are manufactured in Italy at the Filo Bianco S.r.l. factory. Modern high-technology production is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment.
The factory is equipped with its own automated lines for manufacture of the full range of depilation products:
Line for manufacture and pouring of soft wax into cartridges and cans with simultaneous labeling.
Line for manufacture and pouring of hard wax into bricks and shaped forms.
Line for manufacture and granulation of hard wax.
Line for packaging of end product regardless of its weight into bags and boxes.
Line for manufacture and pouring of lotions for pre and post depilation care.
Line for manufacture and pouring of paraffin.

Company Filo Bianco Srl

Our numbers are:
44,000.00 lbs of wax produced on a daily basis
86,000 sq. ft of production area, warehouse and office
90 types of products manufactured in more than 70 countries we are exporting to daily 

All waxes produced by ItalWax provide a high adhesion level which consistently ensures an effective and safe depilation procedure. Waxes by ItalWax are presented in accordance with distinct classifications in order to avoid mistakes by beginner cosmetologists. We perform constant research and create innovative products that significantly ease depilation procedures.


ItalWax hair removal product quality is guaranteed with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. We use only high end raw materials and test each incoming and outgoing batch in our in-house laboratory. Highly precise testing, a responsible attitude, and following EU regulations allow us to manufacture one of the best hair removal products in the World under our brand ItalWax.

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