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Italwax on AMERICA`S BEAUTY SHOW Illinois 2023

Italwax USA was very excited and humbled, to bring our great products to the Midwest, Rosemont, Illinois to be exact. This was our 1st show here since COVID, so we were very excited to meet our loyal customers, and make new ones along the way. With the help of our distributor European Skin Care Supplies, and our beautiful educator Summer Banks also known as Waxed by Summer. The teamwork and dedication was a great bond for the Midwest. Two full days of networking, not only with Licensed professional’s but with current, and graduating students. This sets the path of growth, education, and new faces for Italwax and Italwax USA with the flow of new generation aestheticians and schools, Italwax USA will be right there with a new Generation of Luxury products. Italwax surely stood by the city’s slogan “it’s all here” as it couldn’t be more fitting to describe our beautiful expo show.